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We think Gillette got it right when he gave away razors to sell razor blades.  By the same token we believe Hancock nailed it when he wrote,

“Nothing is ever free, though to you it be/ Somewhere somehow someone paid.”  

1st Wholesale Card Solutions is somewhere in the middle. While we can’t offer you free equipment without finding a way to make you pay for it down the road, we can provide wholesale equipment to you. We also offer the most competitive credit card pricing and wholesale interchange pass-through fees.

We love success stories and we want to hear yours! We know that many  happy customers don’t have time to write rave reviews and we cherish any feedback! What we’re most proud of is what our customers aren’t saying, with zero negative reviews with the BBB and on social media since our inception in 1997.

To learn more about how 1st Wholesale Card Solutions can help your business grow by reducing your costs, providing leading technology at a wholesale price, five-star service second to none and accepting electronic payments including fleet cards safely and securely, check out the quick links below or use the convenient form below to contact us!

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