1st Wholesale Referral Program

We understand that business may be a little slow or even nonexistent during these difficult times. We are here to support you in whatever way we can, through advertising your business on our social media and getting money in your personal pockets through our referral program.


 We’ve already added your contact information to the “WEX Accepting Locations” website used by over 4 million government and commercial fleets to find you. To help your site stand out we will add an image of your store front and promote your business on our social media including Twitter, Instagram, Linked in and Facebook with a link to your site.

We will be emailing you with an image of your business, sourced off your website, Google Earth or other Internet outlets, to okay for our use. You may provide one of your choice if you wish.

Once we have your written approval to use the image we agree upon, we will post the image along with your business name, address and business contact number. Feel free to visit your post and add any additional information you like, such as hours of operation or special promotions and events.  

Referral Program

As our way of expressing our love and gratitude to our loyal customers in a more tangible manner, we want to offer you


for every approved business you refer. When you refer your friends in business to us, they will owe you a debt of gratitude! 

Refer automotive-related business to our sister company, Compass Fleet & Merchant Services, for the same low fees that your business enjoys plus the ability to accept the WEX fleet card!

As you know our promise is to “meet or beat any other processors monthly fees while providing five-star service. Rest assured we will treat your friends the way we treat our friends. If an equipment upgrade is necessary, your referrals will enjoy paying “wholesale” for all equipment,” wholesale” pass-through fees AND no fees for cancellation, for ANY reason.

Tell your friends and when you share the love, we’ll show you the money!

* In light of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic: 1) Payouts will be made at the end of one full month of processing requirements vs. our standard three months; 2) all new accounts must be able to provide a current PCI certificate or obtain one, either through our third party PCI provider or provider of referral’s choice at the time of account set-up.

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