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Our Account Updater product, 1stPayMaximizer, is very popular among our merchants, allowing them to update credit card information in an automated way, saving them time and money. Reduce the number of credit card declines and manual work of calling customers for credit card information. Let 1stPayMaximizer do the work for you.


It often takes staff many hours to call customers and get updated credit card information when a customer’s card info changes, such as with an expiring card. In addition, your cash flow can take a hit with declined transactions. Why not automate this process so you and your staff don’t have to worry about it?


  • Monthly updated credit card data done automatically
  • New information is entered safely and securely into the credit card vault, CompassPayVault, for future use
  • Recurring payments have fewer declines due to automatic card updates
  • You and your staff can focus on your core business while revenue keeps growing from successful transactions from recurring payments


It’s critical in today’s world to protect any and all credit card data used for transactions in your business.That’s why we offer a significant tool in protecting credit card transactions – Tokenization and Encryption. Our Point-to-Point, End-to-End Tokenization and Encryption converts credit card data to unreadable code that is resistant to fraud and data hacks. Data is then stored in our secure vault and tokenized so that the information is only accessible via a secure token. The data is decrypted only once it reaches its final destination.


With this secure process of handling sensitive credit card data, merchants reduce their risk and liability of this data being accessible and usable by hackers. Having this technology applied to each transactions lowers the risk of data breaches or security vulnerabilities that could cost tens of thousands of dollars, if compromised.


Enabling this technology with each transaction reduces the merchant’s scope when it comes to being PCI Compliant, allowing the merchant to feel confident in the security technology for each transaction processed. This reduction in scope can also save the merchant time and money by avoiding costly data breaches.


When you partner with 1st Wholesale, you get the backing of our internal fraud prevention team working for your business every day. Our team of internal payments experts monitors your transactions and flags any issues of fraud that are detected. If we detect potential or actual fraud, we reach out to you immediately. Once these are identified, we have a process in place to address or reject the transaction, allowing you to have peace of mind that any problematic payments are addressed. Our internal processes have resulted in fraud reduction across our portfolio of merchants keeping the merchant and card holder safe and secure.


Suspected and actual data breaches can devastate or even end businesses. To help mitigate risk to your business in the event of a breach, 1st Wholesale has enrolled our merchants in our Breach Protection Program. This new program has been designed to help cover or offset the main financial obligations associated with a breach.


Coverage for major breach risks such as employee dishonesty, skimming devices, hacks, and the physical theft of receipts and equipment.

  • $0 deductible and coverage for up to $50,000
  • Coverage that is fully insured by an A+ rated US-based insurance carrier
  • Protection even if the merchant is not yet PCI DSS compliant
  • An easy-to-use online merchant portal and friendly customer service to help merchants if they have a breach claim
  • And, most importantly, peace of mind!


Security is our main priority for all of our payment solutions. That’s why 1stPaySecure has a built-in suite of security tools. These tools give you peace of mind knowing that your business and your customer’s data is protected even while accepting payments of all kinds.

1stPaySecure includes:

  • EMV technology allowing you to accept EMV payments and reduce card-present fraud
  • Point-to-Point, End-to-End Encryption which changes credit card information into code that can’t be hacked or recognized
  • PCI Compliance which protects you in handling credit card information and keeps it safe to minimize data security issues
  • Fraud Prevention tools used by our team internally to monitor your account and transactions for fraudulent activity
  • Data Breach protection covers you in the event of a data breach up to $50,000

The combination of all of these solutions in our 1stPaySecure package help protect your business and your customers, keeping your customers’ credit card data safe and secure.

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