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Beauty salons, hair stylists and nail technicians are always walking a fine line between outstanding customer service, exceptional results and fast turnaround. Every minute salon staff spends handling various payment methods, managing tips and being in the front of the house is one minute they’re not getting their stations turned over or serving the next customer.

1st Wholesale CardSolutions has the answers to all these issues. Our PCI-compliant integrated POS systems allow you the freedom and flexibility to set up your nail salon, styling boutique or beauty shop in a way which makes receiving salon payments simple. Our mobile POS EMV pads and tablet options permit your stylists to accept electronic and card payments right from their station, reducing turnaround time between clients. You can equip your barbershop POS with tipping options, encourage your customer to post an instant online review and schedule their next appointment. Maybe best of all, you can minimize cash on hand, reducing the likelihood of robbery or theft and increasing the safety and security of your customers and staff.

To find out more about how 1st Wholesale CardSolutions can help grow your beauty or grooming business through a new electronic merchant payment system, we invite you to click here to contact us; check this section’s menu for more industry-specific examples; or check out the quick links below!

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