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Lisa G., Lisa G Skincare

I was happy with the Square app but not so thrilled with the 2.75-3.5% exorbitant fees on all transactions. Adrienne lowered my fees to an effective rate (all fees included) of 2% – and gave me two different hardware options. 1/an EMV reader and app similar to Square for $50.00 or 2/ Purchase a Verifone POS terminal for $150.00- because my salon already has free internet I chose the more traditional way of accepting payments.  I’m now saving a $100.00 for every 10K I process!

Greg Thompson, Bedford Carwash

The ins and outs of the credit card industry can be very difficult for business owners to understand, especially where it’s only a small part of running our facilities. Adrienne took the time to not only set up our 2 locations, but has consistently been there to answer any questions we’ve had concerning our bill, settlement issues with the bank, or a “just how are things going” phone call. Adrienne has even taken the time to visit us, when in the area on business conventions, to make that personal connection that so few businesses extend to their customers today. It’s wonderful when a business relationship can turn out the way it has for us with 1st Wholesale. I would recommend 1st Wholesale Card Solutions to any organization looking for a solution to the credit card aspect of their company.

Denielle Mizrahi, The Laser Lounge

“Great customer service and rates!”

Greg Anderson, Wash Depot Holdings, Inc.

Wash Depot is the largest car wash company in the United States with 84 locations in 13 states. We also operate 29 quick lubes and 9 gas stations with convenience stores. Our 2011 revenues were in excess of $160 million.

The senior management of Wash Depot is financially very sophisticated. I am a former investment banker and our CFO worked in the financial groups at GE, Lotus and Fidelity. In addition, Wash Depot operated as part of the largest privately held bank holding company ($20 billion) in the United States for the better part of the last 10 years.

With this as background I would highly recommend 1st Wholesale Card Solutions and Adrienne Andre as a provider of merchant services. Since 1997, Wash Depot has processed credit cards through Bank of America, PNC, First Data, Paymentech, and until recently Chase. We have known Adrienne and 1st Wholesale Card Solutions for many years and recently switched from Chase to 1st WholesaleFleet. This was not done lightly because (i) the deal we had from Chase was excellent (all the major processors told us that they could not compete with the Chase rate) and (ii) changing credit card processors is disruptive.

Adrienne was able to beat the Chase deal, and she beat it materially.

After 3 months, our Controller estimates that we will save in excess of $200k in credit card fees annually as a result of the 1st Wholesale deal. 

In addition, Chase was requiring Wash Depot to satisfy the Level 2 requirements for PCI compliance which would have cost $100k annually. Through 1st Wholesale we are treated as a Level 4 processor which will cost less than $5k annually. Further, the Wash Depot team has found Adrienne and her team to be extremely helpful whenever we have a question or a problem and made the transition from Chase more than palatable.

I do not waste my time making recommendations for vendors. In fact I do not think I have given more than 3 or 4 such recommendations in my entire career. This an exception, but I have found 1st Wholesale Card Solutions and Adrienne to be exceptional.

Robert McGuire, Bob’s Quality Auto

“The folks at 1st Wholesale Card Solutions are simply the best merchant service company period. When I have a problem I speak with a person not an automated menu. I have been in business for 10 years now and had many different company’s provide services, none were even close to 1st Wholesale.”

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