Paper, Power Supplies & Cables

Product Type/Corresponding EquipmentProduct DescriptionOrder ByOur Unit Price
2 1/4" Thermal - All Countertop Solutions
12 74' Rolls PaperKIT$12.00
24 74' Rolls PaperKIT$24.00
50 74' Rolls PaperCASE$50.00**
3 1/8" Thermal - 1st Pay, Software
6 74' Rolls PaperKIT$15.00
12 74' Rolls PaperKIT$29.00
50 74' Rolls PaperCASE $120.00**
3" Bond + Ribbon - Kitchen Printer
Star 7xx RibbonsEACH$9.50
6 74' Rolls 1-Ply Paper & 1 RibbonKIT$18.00
12 74' Rolls 2-Ply Paper & 2 RibbonsKIT$36.00
50 74' Rolls 1-Ply PaperCASE$74.00**
Imprinter: 2-Part Long
1 Pkg Sales DraftsEACH$6.00
Sales Drafts5 Pkgs Sales DraftsKIT$30.00
(1) Package contains 100 each10 Pkgs Sales DraftsKIT$60.00**
Imprinters - 3-Part Short
1 Pkg Sales DraftsEACH $6.00
Sales Drafts5 Pkgs Sales DraftsKIT$30.00
(1) Package contains 100 each

Terms and conditions
10 Pkgs Sales DraftsKIT$60.00**
Prices are subject to change depending on market conditions.
Prices do not include freight.
15% Restocking Fee plus freight charged on all returned or refused orders.
No returns accepted after 30 days from shipment date.
**Case pricing includes ground shipping and handling fees.

Cables and Power Supplies

Product Type/Corresponding Equipment Product DescriptionUnit Price
Power Supplies
IngenicoIngenico ICT 2XX PS$30.50
Ingenico ICT Magic Box$20.00
Ingenico iWL 2xx Terminal PS$18.50
Ingenico iWL Docking Station PS$18.50
Ingenico PP320 PS$13.00
DejavooDejavoo PS - Z11, Z9$39.00
Check ReadersMagtek PS$11.75
RDM 6014 PS$28.50
Check Supplies
Magtek CablesIngenico ICT to Magtek Check Reader Cable$23.00
ChecksConfig Checks -Hypercom/Omni-VX$2.00
Config Checks - Ingenico 220 & 250$2.00
Test Checks$1.00
PIN Pad Cables
IngenicoIngenico iWL$44.25
Ingenico PP320 STRAIGHT USB PIN Pad Cable$17.00
Ingenico Powered USB Cable$17.00
Ingenico Powered Ethernet Cable$17.00
VerifoneVx805 PIN Pad Cables$17.00
Vx805/Vx820 USB PIN Pad Cables$17.00
Vx805 to RS232 Cables$17.00
DejavooZ6 PIN Pad Cable$13.00
IngenicoIngenico iWL$44.25
PAXA920 BatterySpecial Order
1st PayKensington Lock - Anchor Adapter Kit included$48.00
Dymo Label Maker$80.00
Screws and Tools$20.00
Bounce Pad Keys (30 or Flip)$25.00
Cash Drawer Keys$19.00
APG - Epson Cash Drawer Cable$9.50
APG- Star Cash Drawer Cable (Used with 1st Pay setup)$9.50
Kitchen Buzzer$9.00
TP Link WiFi Extender$35.00
TP Link Ethernet Switch$20.00
iPad Charging Block$45.00
uDynamo Charging Block$9.00
t20 Star BouncePad Drill Bit$7.50
iPad 30-pin Charger - 3ft$15.00
iPad Lightning Port Charger - 3ft$20.00
iPad Lightning Port Charger - 8ft$25.00
Short iDynamo chargers - 6ft $11.00
Long iDynamo chargers - 10ft $15.00
VerifoneVerifone Vx510/570 Paper Cover - includes roller$22.75
IngenicoIngenico Paper Cover - includes roller$18.50
Ingenico iWL Docking Station$40.00
Ingenico iWL Bluetooth Docking Station$130.00
OtherCat 5 Cables 7'$7.00
Cat 5 Cables 25'$14.00
Cat 5 Cables 50' $18.50
Cat 5 Cables 100' - Special Order$22.00
Phone Cables 15'$7.00
2 Wire Phone Cable 15'$7.00
Ingenico Start Up Kit$13.00
Vx680 Internet Dongle$78.00
MC/Visa Window Stickers (All Sizes) $5

Prices in this section include standard ground shipping and handling fees.

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